Premium Powders offers a range of carbohydrate supplements to improve the repair and growth of muscle.

Dextrose Monohydrate


What is Dextrose Monohydrate? Premium Powders Dextrose Monohydrate is a high GI, fast absorbing carbohydrate that is ideally added to any post workout protein shake to improve the repair and growth of muscles. It is ideal whenever a fast and...



What is Maltodextrin? Premium Powders Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that is rapidly absorbed by the body to provide an immediate release of energy. As a high GI carbohydrate, it is mainly used post workout to replenish muscle glycogen...

Fine Powdered Oats


What is Fine Powdered Oats? Premium Powders Fine Powdered Oats are simply Australian grown oats, ground to a fine powder. Perfect for adding to protein shakes or creating your own meal replacements or weight gain formulas. Our Fine Powdereed Oats...